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PT.Kratau Wajatama was established in 1992. Nowdays, it has been a foremost steek producer in Indonesia. Our Company produces high quality products such as INP, IWF, H-Beam, U-Channel, and L-angels, Reinforcing Bars (Deformed & Plain Bars).

As a subsidiary company of PT.Krakatau Steel, we have always committed ourselves to deliver the highest product quality and the ultimate costumer satisfaction. We are ready to anticipate the global era and ready to compete in the third millenium.

The production facilities we have, consist of two part :

Section Mill

Operating : Since 1978
Capacity : 150,000 TPA
Products :
  • Equal Angle (L)
  • H-Beam (H)
  • I-Beam (I)
  • WF
  • Channel

Bar Mill

Operating : Since 1976
Capacity : 150,000 TPA
Products :
  • Plain Bar
  • Deformed Bar


  • 1962
    Baja Trikora project as a pioneer, located on Cilegon - Banten

  • 1970
    Established PT. Krakatau Steel - Cold Wire Drawing

  • 1975
    Developed Bar Mill and Section Mill

  • 1990
    Bar Mill (150,000 TPA), Section Mill (45,000 TPA) and Cold Wire Drawing (12,000 TPA) divided by PT. Krakatau Steel

  • 1992
    Established PT. Krakatau Wajatama as a subsidiary company PT. Krakatau Steel

  • 2001
    Completed 150,000 TPA Section Mill